YD-aged Wet Event Recorded in Rock Varnish from Southern Nevada, Western USA

Figure Caption    Regionally correlated YD-aged wet event recorded as basal dark layers in varnish microstratigraphies from Las Vegas Valley of southern Nevada, western USA. Varnish samples were from radiocarbon dated alluvial fan surfaces, with ages ranging from 10 to 11.5 14C ka. Note that similar layering patterns consisting of a thick orange surface layer (i.e., LU-1) underlain by a relatively thin dark basal layer (i.e., WP0) are replicated in all of these varnish microstratigraphies. Scale bars are 13 µm for a, b, e-h, and 20 µm for c, d. YD = Younger Dryas, LU = Layering Unit, WP = Wet event in Pleistocene. Please see Liu et al. (2000) for more discussion on this topic.